Safety Action Services – Your Health & Safety Experts

Safety Actions Services provides a range of services intended to help you understand and comply with the law and also to help achieve health & safety standards that you want to define for your organisation, including:


Safety Audits – creating a snapshot of your circumstances, and highlighting areas of concern

Our aim is to assess all the safety systems in your organisation in line with the current legislation and to enable you to remedy any deficiencies that would otherwise expose you to possible prosecution.

The audit comprises a review of systems and documentation plus a site inspection, following which, a written report – detailing shortfalls and recommendations for action – is provided.

image003Risk Assessments – what and where are the dangers?

The service is intended to help you and your organisation to carry out your own risk assessments in line with current legislation.

We’ll give you guidance in approaches to risk assessment and support will be provided, as required, in the assessment process, including quantification of risk, formulation of appropriate control measures, priorities for action etc.

Fire Risk Assessments – keeping you aware of the hot topics in safety

Fire can have a catastrophic effect on your business as a whole and especially your people, premises and property, so this service can help you to carry out your own fire risk assessments in line with current legislation.

SAS will help you to understand the criteria and approaches to fire risk assessment and support you, as required, in the assessment process, including quantifying the risk, formulating appropriate control measures, and setting priorities for actions to be taken.

Safety Policy Documents, Manuals and Guidance Notes – tailored to your organisation’s needs

At SAS, we can help you to develop and produce appropriate policy documents, manuals and guidance notes on all aspects of health & safety.

Advisory Services – expert guidance, whenever you need it

Our advisory services give you written and/or verbal advice on any aspect of food safety and hygiene including liaison with local enforcement authorities and other relevant professional bodies on your behalf.

And our telephone support service is available to help you deal with urgent issues of concern.

Online Training Programmes – develop your learning wherever and whenever suits you

SAS has developed a series of online training packages that enable you to access insights, guidance and information at your convenience. Go to our online training section for details of each of the courses.