Welcome to Safety Action Services – keeping you and your employees safe and sound

At Safety Action Services (SAS), we’ve been specialising in keeping our clients safe and well – and out of prison – for over 15 years, and we have an unrivalled knowledge of the current legislation and how it should be applied. We work with organisations that recognise the need to apply this legislation, not because it’s the law, but because – as a caring, responsible employer – they want their staff to be fit, well, safe and productive. It’s not acceptable for workers to suffer injury and ill health as a result of doing their job and by demonstrating that their organisation cares about the health and safety of its staff will lead to a happier and more productive workforce

The fines and penalties for non-compliance with health & safety law are increasingly onerous,Our friendly, collaborative approach to health & safety but the real danger is much more catastrophic – that of threats to the future of the business, personal injury or even death. Health & safety advice is there for a reason: to protect you, your employees and the business itself.

image001Our friendly, collaborative approach to health & safety means that you get a caring service. As well as being professional and approachable in everything we do, we really listen to your needs and won’t ever suggest unnecessary or inappropriate actions.

In particular, we have developed an expertise in ensuring that business owners – from local SMEs to major companies – as well as schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and other public sector bodies, understand what they need to do in relation to:

  • Responsibilities and obligations under the current health & safety legislation
  • Having clear, practical policies for all aspects of health & safety
  • Carrying out the necessary risk assessments and taking the appropriate actions.